Hello, we are the Lilting Banshees.

Thank you for visiting our website. Nick Gray is trying to bring it back to life, as an alumni resource.

The Lilting Banshees Comedy Troupe was founded in 1993 at Wake Forest University by members of the theater department who wanted a chance to produce and perform original content.

Over 20 years later, and the Lilting Banshees are still thriving. Every year we put on 3 to 4 original, live sketch comedy shows, poking fun at everything from the administration to Greek life. We write all of our own material, and truly love comedy.

The Banshees are known for our distinctive yellow signs, which we put up all around campus before each show, for our often bizarre “scenes,” where we dress as characters and do something strange and attention-grabbing (like dressing up as Mario Kart characters and racing around the quad during the Freshman orientation picnic or leasing out Sharks on the Quad), and especially for our hour-long comedy shows–the best (and only) live comedy show at Wake.

Auditions are held every Fall, and information will be posted soon (on yellow signs)!